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  • When purchasing a macerator pump, we need to take into account the functional and technical characteristics of the equipment and its durability, as well as brand growth history and market reputation.


  • When it comes to the sewage elevator, the first reaction of many people may be the lift flow and other things directly linked with the sewage elevator's sewage discharge capacity. Few people may pay attention to the problem of appearance level. Then, what kind of experience would it be to have a sewage elevator with appearance level in the bathroom in the basement?


  • If there is a basement in your house, it is necessary to install a sewage hoist if you need to renovate the basement. The basement is far below the main municipal sewage pipe, so the water cannot slip out naturally by its own gravity. At this time, sewage hoist is needed to lift and drain. So for the toilet sewage hoist, how can it be qualified?


  • At present, there is a practical sewage pump on the market, that is, the non-blocking sewage pump, so this kind of sewage pump is really not blocked? In fact, if you are normal operation, and the choice of the manufacturer of the product is generally not the case of congestion, of course, to allow its free work, but also need to carry out maintenance and maintenance.