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We are glad to share with you about the results of our work, company news,and give you timely developments and personnel appointment and removal conditions.
  • Shengzhou Hengli Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located in Shaoxing. It is an enterprise with 11 years of production and sales experience, focusing on the development of own brand“sanimove”, and is committed to creating a healthy, comfortable and convenient living environment for human beings.


  • The company has the best R & D team, equipped with the most advanced technology development, production processing, product quality testing, inspection equipment in the industry. Technical performance and product quality are at the leading domestic level.


  • If there is a basement in your house, it is necessary to install a sewage hoist if you need to renovate the basement. The basement is far below the main municipal sewage pipe, so the water cannot slip out naturally by its own gravity. At this time, sewage hoist is needed to lift and drain. So for the toilet sewage hoist, how can it be qualified?


  • Macerating Toilet can be used in places where it is not convenient to install water pipes but want to install a bathroom, which can reduce the cost of decoration. Once you have it, you don’t have to worry about the septic tank being too far away.


  • There are models for use with a single loo, a loo and basin or a full bathroom. Ensure the macerator can be installed behind your chosen loo (or behind a demountable panel if the unit needs to be obscured from sight)


  • The powerful macerator has a rotating blade that shreds and grinds solid material like human waste and toilet paper. When mixed with flushing water, solid material changes to a fine slurry which moves easily through a narrow pipe upward. A quiet electric-powered pump moves the fine slurry upward under pressure.


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