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Macerator Toilet

Hengli is a famous China Macerator Toilet manufacturers and Macerator Toilet suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of macerating pump and macerating toilet. The company has the best R & D team, equipped with the most advanced technology development, production processing, product quality testing, inspection equipment in the industry. Technical performance and product quality are at the leading domestic level.

Macerator Toilet can be used in places where it is not convenient to install water pipes but want to install a bathroom, which can reduce the cost of decoration. Once you have it, you don’t have to worry about the septic tank being too far away.

Macerator Toilet can also be used in occasions with poor drainage conditions such as basements, attics, ships and vehicles.

Macerator Toilet is mainly composed of a ceramic toilet and a motor,and main material is ceramic, PVC cover and cast iron.

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Macerator Toilet made in China is of high quality and low price from Hengli. As the one of China Macerator Toilet manufacturers,China Macerator Toilet suppliers and Chinese brands, the product can be customized to satisfy the customers' requirement from our factory. We keep the products in stock at all times and we supports packaging in bulk.The design of Macerator Toilet with CE certification follows the principle of the newest, advanced, easy-maintainable and classy. It is the latest selling product so you can buy and wholesale product with a cheap quotation which has CE certification and has one year warranty. We can give you our price list and you will be satisfied our price.
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