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  • A residential grinder pump system is a sewage system component that is used to grind solid sewage materials and pump wastewater from a residential property to the main sewer line.


  • This news introduced what is a macerator sewage pump.


  • Marine toilets are an essential part of boating, especially when cruising for long periods of time. One type of marine toilet is a macerating toilet, which is an advanced version that grinds up waste before sending it to the holding tank. The boat's holding tank can then be emptied at a later time when the boat is docked or at sea.


  • The 800W macerating pump for toilet can be used for the drainage of sanitary ware sewage in the basement and away from the drainage riser where the sewage is not self-flowing.


  • The company has the best R & D team, equipped with the most advanced technology development, production processing, product quality testing, inspection equipment in the industry. Technical performance and product quality are at the leading domestic level.(China macerator pump)


  • Shengzhou Hengli Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located in Shaoxing. It is an enterprise with 11 years of production and sales experience(China macerator pump)


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