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How to use the sanitary pump?


Many of the health standards have strict requirements in the field, in the transportation of products are inseparable from the stainless steel sanitary pump, such as pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical and other industries, in the production and transportation before we must first understand how to use the sanitary pump, through the completion of the production of this machine pump, can not affect the product attributes and quality.  


About how to use the sanitary pump, as a more common machine pump, its operation is not complex, after the normal start up, by observing the operation of the machine pump to judge whether the operation is normal, the water of the sanitary pump in the normal operation is continuous and uniform, the body has no vibration and low noise.  In the actual use to avoid empty operation, in order to ensure the normal operation of the pump, you can do a series of checks before use, as follows.  


1. Check whether the winding of the motor is broken. In the case of re-insulation, it can be measured with 500V megohmmeter.  


2. Check the rotating pump shaft after removing the filter screen to ensure its flexibility;  


3. Check whether the fuse capacity of the gate matches, and cannot be replaced by other wires;  


4. After connecting the power supply, check whether the operation of the impeller is normal within the running time of 3~5 seconds. Do not run for more than 5 seconds to prevent the motor from burning out.