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What to pay attention to when choosing a high-quality macerator pump?


When purchasing a macerator pump, we need to take into account the functional and technical characteristics of the equipment and its durability, as well as brand growth history and market reputation. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to whether the service provided by the brand is professional. If you choose an unprofessional or poor quality brand, it may affect the effect of sewage improvement, and even cause troublesome after-sales problems.


Many times, we only know that when the toilet sewage cannot be discharged by itself, it needs to be treated by a sewage lifter, but we often do not know that the flow rate, lift and pipe design of the toilet discharge are exquisite. If you choose an unprofessional brand, They will not be able to give professional advice and may purchase lifting equipment with inappropriate power levels.

 macerator pump

If you choose a professional brand, they will arrange for a professional salesperson to visit to determine the flow, head, pipe docking, foundation pit or equipment installation location. Based on this information, the sales staff can formulate a professional sewage treatment plan and recommend a macerator pump with suitable functions and prices. High-quality brands will also provide installation services. Professional installers will often provide all accessories and installation tools at one time to ensure the cleanliness around the foundation pit of the buried equipment, and to ensure that the sewage lifter will not be installed during the installation and construction process. Be destroyed. After the installation is complete, the installer will also carry out detailed commissioning of the equipment.


When choosing a brand of macerator pump, you can also understand from the communication whether the salesperson is professional and whether the problem is considered from the customer's perspective. In order to further confirm whether the service promise stated by the brand is reliable, we can learn from their past cases to understand their strength. At the same time, related services can also be included in the macerator pump procurement contract.