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There is a high appearance between the sanitary level of sewage pump is how to experience?

When it comes to the sewage elevator, the first reaction of many people may be the lift flow and other things directly linked with the sewage elevator's sewage discharge capacity. Few people may pay attention to the problem of appearance level. Then, what kind of experience would it be to have a sewage elevator with appearance level in the bathroom in the basement?

I'm afraid it's hard to say all the words out of harmony. The so-called harmony, is actually for the whole space, after all, the biggest function of the sewage elevator between the basement bathroom is to discharge the sewage of the toilet. If you can't make the sewage elevator and toilet and other sanitary ware coexist harmoniously, it is easy for the sewage elevator to be placed in an abrupt position, so for the whole design between the bathroom, there is actually a flaw.

How to achieve harmony? In fact, the answer lies in the appearance level of the sewage hoist we mentioned at the beginning, and the composition of the appearance level is no more than the following color, volume, and connection mode. And to the sewage capacity is outstanding, appearance level is superior basement between wei Yu sewage elevator, most dazzling than it -- constant excited sewage elevator.

Constant excitation sewage lifter colour USES is to implement just milk white, and its volume is small and exquisite, can be directly placed in the back down to the bottom of the toilet, no longer need to setting up a site, this makes the constant excitation sewage lifter and implement connection as a whole, not destroy the design of the whole space, and won't take up the interior space separately, just behind the toilet to reasonable use of space. In connection, the constant-excited sewage elevator has more humanized design. In addition to the water inlet directly connected to the rear toilet, there are also four water inlet on both sides to facilitate other water units in the bathroom in the basement, such as lavatory basin, shower and bathtub. In terms of drainage, the drainage pipe of the constant-excited sewage hoist is equipped with a drainage hose with an elbow, which can be left and right in multiple directions, choose the drainage Angle at will, and can also be rotated in a large range of 180°, so as to adjust the installation error of the drainage pipe.

Have level constant excitation sewage lifter in appearance, its discharge capacity is also a special skill, with a 11.8 m high lift it, can calm in the face of all the basement sewage problem of toilet, Germany's original EMGR alloy motor, heat faster, longer service life, not to mention specifically designed for discharge of fecal sewage containing strong cutting function and the automatic backwash function.

What kind of experience is it to have a high appearance level sewage lift pump between the basement bathroom? I think Hengli will tell you the answer.