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Toilet sewage lift pump how to choose.

If there is a basement in your house, it is necessary to install a sewage hoist if you need to renovate the basement. The basement is far below the main municipal sewage pipe, so the water cannot slip out naturally by its own gravity. At this time, sewage hoist is needed to lift and drain. So for the toilet sewage hoist, how can it be qualified?

1 Tightness:

Because toilet is emissions with fecal sewage, if the sealing of sewage is unqualified, if there is sewage spill can cause the smell of the toilet is a very heavy working very hard, at the same time as the zed microboy sewage lifter adopt ABS material box body one-time molding, to ensure the sealing of box, also equipped with activated carbon and the one-way check valve of gas double seal, on the large equipment are generally addressed by outside on trachea.

2. Clogging:

For the toilet sewage elevator, the most important thing is whether the toilet sewage can be kept unobstructed. For example, the Zedd Microboy sewage elevator has a strong cutting function, which can directly cut the waste paper into pieces into the box and discharge them out.

3. Maintenance:

For sewage lifter maintance is certainly the most critical, as sewage lifter used in the water and electricity separation technology, water pump and controller are external, is not only safe but also convenient for later maintenance, but also bring back flush device, can rinse enclosure wall of dirt, dispense with the trouble that routine maintenance.