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Submersible pump and sewage pump difference.

No clogging sewage pump maintenance

At present, there is a practical sewage pump on the market, that is, the non-blocking sewage pump, so this kind of sewage pump is really not blocked? In fact, if you are normal operation, and the choice of the manufacturer of the product is generally not the case of congestion, of course, to allow its free work, but also need to carry out maintenance and maintenance.

How to choose non-clogging sewage pump?

1. Consider performance

The choice of non-blocking sewage pump is important, because at the time of work, the solid material of transmission medium and liquid mixture, which requires it in sealing, motor bearing, bearing arrangement and daily use and other aspects have a good quality assurance, the requirements are relatively high. In the selection of sewage pump when there are many aspects need to pay attention to, such as to consider the tightness and carrying capacity.

2. Water flow rate

Non-blocking sewage pump flow in accordance with the water flow to choose, in the need to adjust the displacement of what we also need to do is to choose according to the number of hours of displacement.

3. Carrying capacity

Non-blocking sewage pump head need to be aware of is to be carried out in accordance with the to rise, thus good to calculate the loss of the pipeline, for example, when transmitted inside material with sediment, requires that the bearing capacity of the sewage pump and the sealing performance is better than the average sewage pump, are normally will choose non-blocking sewage pump. When we choose and order, but also pay attention to their choice of sewage pump sealing and bearing capacity performance.

How to maintain the non-clogging sewage pump?

In view of the current situation, in order to the service life of non-blocking sewage pump, now many factories will pay attention to the water pump protection system, that is to say, in the sewage pump appeared in some cases, such as leakage, overload, overheating and other cases, the system can realize automatic alarm, and automatic downtime.

Therefore, we have installed the protection system in the sewage pump, so that we can protect the safe operation of the electric pump. Although this way has a great role, but more passive, the key is to do the non-blocking sewage pump seal, overload and other aspects of the problem.